WBW 37 summed up, WBW 38 introduced!

54 bloggers from around the world took the challenge to “go native” and taste a wine from an indigenous grape from its homeland. See the summary of the off-the-beaten-path wines over at Dr. Vino. [UPDATE: Thanks for the participation--this appears to be a new record number of participants! A record achieved without steroids!]

And the next Wine Blogging Wednesday has been announced at Catavino: Portuguese table wines! They have some suggestions to steer you away from the more traditional wines and continue the new tradition of “bonus points.” Check out the assignment for October 10!

2 thoughts on “WBW 37 summed up, WBW 38 introduced!

  1. Oh, I’ve found it, in ‘themes’, but it would be good if an announcement could be on the front page of this site – with details. Now I have to search thru the Brooklyn Guys blog to in find it. Mind you, there is no reasonably priced, Burgundy in New Zealand.

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