WBW 38 Summary Mapped; “Silver” Burgundy for WBW 39

I’ve very late posting here but Gabriella and Ryan posted a great summary of WBW 38 over at Catavino some time ago. They mapped most of the entries making for a very interesting way to read reviews of Portuguese table wines.

Neil from Brooklynguy’s Wine and Food Blog also announced the theme for WBW 39 as “Silver” Burgundy. Instead of wines from the Côte d’Or (gold coast), he suggests we sample wines from some more reasonable appellations of Côte Chalonnaise and the Mâconnais.

There is still more than a week to find your wine and write it up. Join us November 14th and remember you can post here if you don’t have a blog. Just register, login and write your draft. One of us will post to the site and let Neil know so it can be included in the summary.


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