WBW #50 Announced: The Great Outdoors

Wine Blogging Wednesday #50 will be hosted by none other than the Russ Beebe, a.k.a. Winehiker. His blog Winehiker Witiculture showcases his passion for both hiking in California wine country and enjoying fine wine from California and beyond. It only makes sense that he would ask us to commune with nature a bit for this month’s event.

And so, imagine you and your significant wineau walking in the cool woods of Autumn. An amber glow lights your path, golden leaves fall around you, and as you walk, you’re working up a sizable hunger for that post-hike picnic you’ve got planned. Not to mention that sizable thirst! Which wine will you pour in the Great Outdoors?

There are also bonus points for chosing a local wine, sharing the name of the wilderness where you’d enjoy the wine, and super-duper bonus points for actually drinking it there! Be sure to read his entire announcement for all the details and on Wednesday, October 8th write about the wine you chose.

3 thoughts on “WBW #50 Announced: The Great Outdoors

  1. Wine Blogging Wednesday 50's Theme Announced: The Great Outdoors | Wine For Newbies 2.0--Your Free Online Wine Course on said:

    [...] nice simple theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday 50: what wine would you pour after a nice walk or hike through the woods in autumn? WBW is an excellent way for budding wine enthusiasts to spread their wings a bit. It’s an [...]

  2. What happened with this WBW? No round up was ever done. Just curious. Also wondering what #51 will be as we’re already in November. Thanks!

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