WBW 54 Summarized, WBW 55 Announced


David from McDuff’s Food & Wine Trail has posted his round-up from Wine Blogging Wednesday 54. Over 50 bloggers tasted more than 85 wines from the Piedmont region of Italy. If you are looking for Nebbiolo, check out David’s write-up.

Meanwhile up in Quebec City, Rémy from The Wine Case has announced the theme of WBW 55 as “North vs. South.” Instead of a Civil War theme, his tasting will be all about tasting the same wine variety made in cooler (northerly) climates versus the same variety in warmer (southerly) climes. Sounds like a good time to go back to Riesling or find that Zin from Baja California. Whatever you choose, taste and post your notes by March 18th and let Rémy know.

11 thoughts on “WBW 54 Summarized, WBW 55 Announced

  1. [...] WBW #55 has an interesting theme, chosen this month by Rémy Charest over at the Wine Case Blog.  The theme is North vs. South, and while it implies a battle of epic bloody proportions with fundamental winemaking beliefs at stake, it’s really just meant to highlight the different wine styles that can result by cultivating the same grape in different regions, weather, and growing conditions.  For example, arid and hot (South) vs. temperate and chilly (North). [...]

  2. I’d be in! I recently restarted my blog after a hiatus and just today I was wondering to my friend if WBW was still happening, and thus I have been led here by my Googling. WBW was fun!

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