In the summer of 2004—back before wine blogs became a real force in the industry—Lenn Thompson proposed the idea of a monthly virtual wine tasting event he called Wine Blogging Wednesday (or “WBW” for short). Lenn was inspired by the “Is My Blog Burning?” meme in food blogging circles and adapted this idea to wine blogging.

The idea is simple. Different bloggers sent Lenn ideas for themes or topics and then would become the hosts from month to month. Participating bloggers would then buy a wine that was consistent with the theme and blog their tasting notes on or before the Wednesday of the event. Since it’s founding, there have been more than 30 events and hundreds of participants from all over the international blogosphere.

As WBW grew and took on a life of its own, Lenn didn’t think it made sense for him to manage the phenomenon on his own anymore. So he formed a group of advisors with some of the wine blog world’s best and brightest. Members include Andrew Barrow from Spittoon and Tim Elliott from Winecast. This group will share the duties of growing WBW to a much larger event and new committee members will be rotated in over time.