Wine Blogging Wednesday #73 “Spark” Round-up (via The Corkdork)

Wine Blogging Wednesday #73 “Spark” Round-up


Thanks for all who participated in Wine Blogging Wednesday #73 this month. We had a pretty small but empassioned turnout on my theme, “Spark”. The intent was to bring our readers back to the time we decided we needed to blog about wine, and write about a wine that inspired you. Most of us are juggling the exponential rise in wine data running past our eyes and ears –pouring in from Twitter, Facebook and traditional media, while trying to find the time to blog. I hope this did spark people’s writing fuse and get us all back writing! 

Roddy at Sentir le Bouchon (Smell the Cork) wrote about a wild one!

Bob at 2001 Bottles took the opportunity to recount some of his favorite wine moments that keep him going, including an ’82 Grange!

Tim at Winecast was taken in by Mike Grgitch’s Zinfandel. Hooked. 

Gwendolyn at Wine Predator got Sparked by one of our own, blogger and vintner, Jeff Stai at Twisted Oak. 

Mike at Undertaking Wine was grabbed by an aromatic Gewürztraminer.  

 David at Cooking Chat was also sparked by Zinfandel. His choice for WBW was a wonder!

 Colin at Grape Fan went back. Way back. To the rosé that started it all.

Chrissie at Awaken Your Senses found the one spot in Argentina that did it. 

My Entry at the Corkdork (below) rekindled my love for Zinfandel.  


Let’s all keep those Wednesdays free to blog once a month, shall we?


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Wine and Food Musing: Announcing Wine Blogging Wednesday 73 “Spark” (via The Corkdork)

It’s for January and it’s called “Spark”. And it’s being hosted by the Corkdork blog. 

Wbw_logoBecause the number of participants has been declining and the blogosphere is so crowded with other things commanding our attention, it’s time to go back to what Sparked your interest in wine blogging in the first place. There was a wine you couldn’t get out of your head and couldn’t wait to share with the world, there was a grape that you started obsessing over, there were family times where a good bottle would be pulled…something there made you say to yourself that you wanted to blog about wine. And 6 years ago, when we started the first collaborative online tasting group, Wine Blogging Wednesdays, something captured your attention. I know you’ve grown and your wine knowledge has expanded, but it’s time to revisit the kind of wines that sparked your desire to blog, retaste, and share. 

January’s challenge, “Spark”, is to re-visit the wine that first turned you on to the infinite wonder of the world of wine. Write about it and post on January 18th. I will host and do the round-up. Please pass on the word and keep WBW going!